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Ontario Trout Fishing
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Lake and Brook Trout Fishing in Ontario, Canada

With its many thousands of deep, cold lakes Sunset Country in Ontario is easily one of North America's "go to" destinations for avid trout anglers. Up here you have the choice of two species. More common are lake trout, scattered in the deeper lakes found across the region, these cold water fish can go over 40 inches and weigh over 30 pounds on the larger lakes. In the eastern and northern parts of Sunset Country is some of the world's best brook trout fishing with native brook trout up to 8 pounds. The world record brook trout, caught in 1915 and weighing 14.8 pounds was caught on the Nipigon River. You have a wide array of lodges and resorts to choose from as well as campgrounds or even a houseboat. Explore this site and book your trout fishing trip to Canada - you won't regret it!
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